Disney Springs Drone Show Testing Already Happening

Disney Springs Drone Show Testing Already Happening

We shared news yesterday about the drone show coming to Disney Springs this summer. And just like that, we already have footage! While “Disney Dreams That Soar” won’t debut until May 24, Disney began testing the drone show last night. Lucky for us, fans were ready with their phones.

Ashley Carter shared the video from @Keither37’s post:

Disney let us know about several of the characters that would be featured, but they didn’t mention Figment!

The first social media post about the drone test went live a little after 2 AM. I wonder how many more videos we’ll get now that people know it’s happening. Will there be an influencer party near Disney Springs tonight?

I’m impressed with what I’m seeing, even on a grainy video. I can’t wait to watch those 800 drones fly over Disney Springs in person next month!

Disney Dreams that Soar will run twice nightly from May 24 through September 2, 2024.