Hot air balloons floating over Napa Valley on Disney's Soarin' Over California

Soarin’ Over California Leaving EPCOT Next Week

Fans of Soarin’ Over California should make their way to EPCOT this week as the OG is about to once again be replaced by Soarin’ Around the World. Your last day to ride is February 27. Fans will no doubt clog the standby and Lightning Lane queues that day, so go a day or two earlier and just tell everyone you were there on closing day.

Soarin’ Over California was brought back in 2023 as part of the Disney100 Celebration. It’s considered to be the superior ride experience by many fans. I admit I felt nostalgic flying over Yosemite and smelling the orange groves on our last trip, but I can also appreciate Soarin’ Around the World. It is jarring to be sitting far left or right when the Eiffel Tower makes its crooked appearance (request section B in any concourse if you’re not a fan of warped architecture). But Around the World’s new scenes helped rekindle my interest in Soarin’ when it debuted in 2016.

I wish Disney would offer both versions. EPCOT’s ride has three theaters, so why not offer California views in one? Star Tours offers over 100 unique scene combinations. Mission Space offers green and orange experiences. The Soarin’ theaters could easily accommodate two movies.

Soarin' queue

Thankfully, the queue has remained unchanged no matter the film playing in the theaters. If you’re a fan of great movie scores, you might love this queue as much as I do.

Soarin’ Over California will undoubtedly be back at some point. But for now, its time in EPCOT is limited.