shopDisney Rebranded Back to Disney Store

shopDisney Rebranded Back to Disney Store

The Disney Store is back! Disney has opted to return to its retail roots with the name change. The company’s online store had been called shopDisney since 2017.

No, this doesn’t mean we’re getting those iconic brick-and-mortar Disney stores back. So far, the change has only resulted in a new logo and some Disney Store-branded products, but Disney states that more updates will be rolled out in the coming months.

This is a global transition and we will be making changes over the coming weeks and months. We will have a new logo, and an updated look and feel on our website and across social media platforms, including new imagery, videos, and stories. Over time you will also see new packaging for purchases and delivery.

Disney Store FAQs

The website features a new logo and lead element. Apart from that and other branding changes, the site is largely unchanged. Its functionality is the same as what you experienced on shopDisney.

shopDisney homepage
shopDisney homepage
Disney Store homepage
Disney Store homepage

Disney’s retail app will need an update before users can shop for their favorite Disney gear. Once again, the app feels identical to the shopDisney version.

Disney Store app welcome screen
Disney Store app homepage

Disney Store-branded clothing

Two designs are available in the “Disney Store” line. The first is a silhouette of your favorite Disney characters. All product images are copyright Disney.

Disney Store character logo shirt. Copyright Disney.

The second design shows off the updated logo. The hoodie, sweatshirt, and long sleeve tee look nice, but with so many great Disney characters and park icons to choose from, a retail brand logo wouldn’t be my first choice in clothing design. But hey, Costco does it with the Kirkland logo, so maybe it’s a thing? I’m not fashionable in any way. Maybe I’m missing out…

Disney Store-branded sweatshirt. Copyright Disney.
Disney Store-branded hoodie. Copyright Disney.
Disney Store-branded long sleeve tee. Copyright Disney.

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