Josh Gad blowing the train whistle in Disneyland

Josh Gad Serves as Disneyland Railroad Conductor

Disneyland is getting all the cool stuff. Patrick Warburton welcomed guests to Soarin’ last week. Galaxy’s Edge is getting fireworks. And Josh Gad recently served as a Disneyland Railroad Conductor. Disney World has Via Napoli, so I’m calling this a tie.

As you can imagine, Josh’s self-deprecating humor and incorrect facts were a hit with passengers. He introduced himself as the voice of Elsa in Frozen before saying that he was “in no way qualified to be your tour guide today.” He proved that correct when he stated, “Over here we have the Rivers of America with some beautiful animatronic ducks.”

Josh Gad speaking to guests on the Disneyland Railroad

Josh also noted Walt’s love of trains.

“This train is actually an original locomotive that Walt Disney himself operated. And that never in his wildest dreams would he imagine I would ruin.”

Josh Gad, Disneyland Railroad Conductor
Josh Gad eating a churro

Josh finished the video by saying he “just got official word that they’re going to let me get a full-time job as a train operator here at Disneyland.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the dream job he was hoping for.

Josh Gad riding the Casey Jr. Circus Train in Disneyland
Josh Gad riding the Casey Jr. Circus Train in Disneyland.

This isn’t the first time Josh has served as a guest Cast Member. Last year, he was the perfect Jungle Cruise Skipper.