Patrick Warburton Surprises Soarin' Guests

Patrick Warburton Surprises Soarin’ Guests

Patrick Warburton has delighted Disney guests as Soarin’s chief flight attendant for over two decades. Watching his “important safety tips” before boarding is always a highlight for me, as much as listening to the queue music or flying over a crooked Eiffel Tower. Today, Patrick surprised some lucky Disneyland guests by going over those safety tips in person, and he did it with his usual dry humor and perfect delivery.

Patrick Warburton surprised guests boarding Soarin' in Disney California Adventure. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

Disney brought in the actor to help celebrate the return of Soarin’ Over California during the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, which runs through April 22, 2024.

In addition to his usual spiel, he channeled his Kronk character when he added a new take on the yellow safety strap. I’m going to annoy my wife by saying this before every ride from now on:

“Has everybody pulled their yellow strap for the, uh, the safety belt? The, uh, safety belt for safety. The safety belt chosen especially to make guests safe. The guest safety belt.”

Patrick, Chief Flight Attendant for Soarin’

Warburton is a big fan of the ride. “It’s just magical to see how beloved Soarin’ Over California still is after all of these years. I can remember my first trip to Disneyland at the age of five and I continue to be a huge Disney fan, so to be part of a Disney attraction that has lasted this long has just been such a sweet and wonderful thing for me,” said Warburton. “Getting to surprise guests today was super fun, and it’s great to see the impact that this safety intro has made for the past 23 years and how people still love it. It was such a blast getting to be the Chief Flight Attendant for Soarin’ Over California once again!”

Patrick Warburton surprised guests boarding Soarin' in Disney California Adventure. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

Warburton wasn’t the original choice to play the chief flight attendant. John Travolta was tabbed to deliver the safety tips, but a scheduling conflict and the presence of his beard made Imagineers look elsewhere. Warburton got the gig thanks in part to his performance as Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove. I like to think he landed the role because of his brilliant work as Puddy in Seinfeld.

Patrick Warburton's Soarin' pre-flight safety video
Patrick Warburton has kept millions of Soarin’ fliers safe

Flight attendant Patrick concluded his instructions with one final piece of advice:

“Oh yeah. Have a nice flight.”