Exploring an Empty Galaxy's Edge

Exploring an Empty Galaxy’s Edge

I write a lot about Rise of the Resistance. And while this article starts with that stellar attraction, it’s more about what you should do after riding it late at night.

So my family does not rope drop. Nor do we pay Lightning Lane prices for rides we’ve ridden dozens of times. Instead, we try to close our Hollywood Studios days by jumping in line for Rise of the Resistance a minute or two before the park closes. Trust me. You’ll want to do this. Unless you have little kids. Get them to bed as soon as possible.

Nighttime photo showing the Rise of the Resistance shuttle boarding area

Okay. Back to the ride. After you’ve been yelled at by the First Order and have crashed back on Batuu, don’t follow everyone else to the park exit. Instead, hang a left and go deeper into an empty Galaxy’s Edge. You might be worried that a Cast Member will stop you, but they won’t.

Deserted Galaxy's Edge at night

If you’re a photographer, it’s the perfect time to get some nighttime shots of the Millennium Falcon. Bring along a tripod for some long exposures. There’ll be a few other guests taking photos, but everyone is respectful. After all, we’re just a bunch of Star Wars geeks hanging out in our favorite place.

Millennium Falcon at night in Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge
Millennium Falcon in Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge
Millennium Falcon and Smugglers Run entrance in Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge
Empty walkway in Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge
Black Spire Outpost Market at night in Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge

Ocassionaly, a large group of Star Wars fans will show up for a lightsaber meet-up. Getting pics of the Falcon can be a little more difficult on those nights. But if you have a light saber, definitely join in!

Another plus to loitering in Galaxy’s Edge? Oga’s Cantina stays open a full hour after Hollywood Studios closes. On a recent trip, our group of six was seated immediately, even without a reservation. I love Disney, but I get tired of having to make plans 60 days before our vacation starts. This was much more spontaneous and enjoyable.

DJ Rex in Oga's Cantina
Oga's Cantina

Feel free to hang out in an empty Galaxy’s Edge until the Cast Members politely ask you to leave. I promise you’ll find plenty to explore without having to deal with the blazing sun and huge crowds.