Disney World Updates Bus Schedules to Allow for Earlier Park Hopping

Disney World Updates Bus Schedules to Allow for Earlier Park Hopping

All-day Park Hopping has returned to Disney World! This welcome update to the Disney rules has prompted a change in transportation schedules. Park-to-park bus service is now available starting at 10 AM. Previously, guests had to wait until 1:30 PM to ride those routes.

While 10 AM is a reasonable start time, it does prevent Annual Passholders and Cast Members relying on bus transportation from scanning into their reserved park before quickly exiting and going to a second gate. One can hope the park reservation system will eventually go away for all but the busiest park days. Park reservations can serve a purpose on those level 10 days, but it’s just a nuisance for guests the rest of the year.

Rainy bus stop at EPCOT

Bus service is not available when traveling between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Guests will need to use the Monorail or a shared ride.

Pro tip: If you’re park hopping from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT to enjoy the World Showcase, you might want to hop a bus to Boardwalk or Yacht and Beach Club. From there, it’s a short walk to EPCOT’s International Gateway.

Finally, if Park Hopping isn’t available at a park, Disney will push a notification to the My Disney Experience app. It won’t happen often, but I recommend guests allow notifications from MDE in your phone’s settings.

Here are the official details from Disney:

Bus transportation is now available between the theme parks beginning at 10:00 AM each day. Guests may also take the monorail when traveling between Magic Kingdom park and EPCOT. Bus services are not available from Magic Kingdom park to EPCOT at this time.

Please note that the ability to visit another park will be subject to the park’s capacity limitations. In the event that the Park Hopper option is unavailable at a theme park, Guests will be notified in real time via a push notification from the My Disney Experience app.

Disney World Park Hopping Rules

Planning a Disney vacation has become a complicated affair. Removing park passes (for some) and allowing all-day Park Hopping are steps in the right direction. Let’s hope more rules are relaxed soon.