Disney's Animal Kingdom ticket booth

Disney World Raises Ticket Prices for 2025

If you’re planning on visiting Walt Disney World in the next 18 months, you might want to consider going sooner rather than later. That’s because Disney just raised ticket prices for 2025. The cheapest 2024 single-day tickets are selling for $109. Those same tickets will cost $119 in 2025. Other tickets are seeing $5 and $10 increases when compared with corresponding dates in 2024. The Park Hopper option is also seeing a $5 to $10 hike.

What’s interesting about this price increase is that 2024 ticket prices are unchanged. In the past, Disney price hikes affected tickets across the board. I was burned by this once. I hadn’t purchased tickets for an upcoming vacation and ended up spending significantly more after an overnight price update. That’s why my advice is to purchase tickets as soon as you know your vacation dates. 

That being said, I doubt Disney will raise 2024 prices after showing their 2025 hand. This move could spur many families to book vacations before the end of the year. It’s an interesting new strategy. Yeah, we hate price increases, but being able to plan for them takes away some of the sting.

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