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Disney Cruise Line Updates Castaway Club Membership Requirements

Disney Cruise Line has quietly rolled out a change to its Castaway Club membership requirements. For guests to remain in the program, they must cruise at least once every five years. I confirmed with a DCL Cast Member that this change is effective immediately. Here’s the relevant language:

Guests who have completed one eligible Disney cruise automatically qualify for Castaway Club membership. To remain in the program, Castaway Club Members must book or sail on at least one eligible cruise within 5 years of their last Disney voyage. For more information, view the Castaway Club terms and conditions.

Please note that we periodically review the Castaway Club program and may make updates accordingly.

Disney Cruise Line FAQ entry

Here is the relevant portion from DCL’s membership terms and conditions.

Membership in the Program will automatically terminate without notice if Member does not book or complete an eligible DCL cruise within the “Activity Period.” The Activity Period shall mean the five (5) year period after debarkation day of the Member’s last eligible DCL Cruise. However, DCL may (but is not required to) extend the Activity Period and/or continue making Program Benefits available to Member if Member does not book or complete an eligible DCL cruise within their Activity Period; such decisions shall be in DCL’s sole discretion.

Disney Cruise Line

The Castaway Club is a loyalty program that offers perks to members based on the number of times they’ve sailed on a Disney cruise. Members are automatically enrolled upon the completion of their first cruise. The Club has four levels:

  • Silver – after completing 1 cruise
  • Gold – after completing 5 cruises
  • Platinum – after completing 10 cruises
  • Pearl – after completing 25 cruises

The perks get significantly better the more you cruise. Higher-level members can book cruises and excursions earlier than guests in lower tiers. Some levels also receive free photos and a complimentary meal at Palo or Palo Steakhouse. That last bit is an excellent bonus.

A complete list of tiers and their perks can be found here.

I’m surprised Disney isn’t offering a grace period for Club Members who haven’t cruised in the last five years, especially considering the impact of Covid on the cruise industry. I’d recommend Castaway Club members who are no longer eligible to call Disney Cruise Line. This excerpt from the membership requirements might give you hope:

DCL may (but is not required to) extend the Activity Period…

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