Aristocats Lounge Coming to Disney Treasure

Aristocats Lounge Coming to Disney Treasure

Fans of old-school Disney animated film fans are in for a treat. The Aristocats, the 1970 Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, is getting a lounge on the Disney Treasure. Scat Cat Lounge will “combine the elegance of an old-school jazz club with artistic references to The Aristocats.”

The Disney Parks Blog shared some secrets about Scat Cat. Honestly, I haven’t watched this movie in decades, so many of these references are completely lost on me. Thank goodness for Disney+.

Scat Cat Lounge concept art. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney.

Scat Cat Lounge features

  • The lounges’ carpet is inspired by the French-style rugs found in Madame Adelaide Bonfamille’s Parisian home.
  • Paw prints found on the piano are an homage to Toulouse placing his paint-covered paw on the piano in the movie.
  • Since Scat Cat Lounge is located off the Agrabah-themed Grand Hall, designers added some of that Middle Eastern style to the lounge.
  • The lounge will serve cat-inspired drinks, including Créme de la Créme Martini and The Cat Drink.
  • Your favorite Aristocats felines will be represented as silhouettes in the entryway.
  • The lounge’s front door features a sculpted trumpet, Scat Cat’s instrument.
  • Usually, we look for hidden Mickeys, but in Scat Cat Lounge, we’ll need to look for hidden Roqueforts.
  • “Ev’rybody Wants to be A Cat” will be prominently featured in a neon sign near the piano.
  • This one is my favorite. The poster outside Scat Cat Lounge will show a collage of instrument-playing cats, but those cats aren’t from the movie. Instead, they’re the design team members’ pets.

In addition to an Aristocats lounge, the Disney Treasure is also getting a Haunted Mansion Parlor. The ship sets sail in December.

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