Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The next time you’re visiting Creature Comforts in Animal Kingdom, be sure to cross the main walkway for a glimpse of some of the cutest baby animals you’ll ever see. The Cotton-Top Tamarin habitat recently celebrated the arrival of triplets, which is great news for the critically endangered species. Less than 6,000 tamarins remain in the world.

Cotton-top tamarin baby resting on its parent's back in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney
A family of cotton-top tamarins in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

Tamarins are tiny, weighing in at about half a pound. The babies are way smaller, so you can understand their need to be close to their parents. The triplets will cling to their mom and dad’s backs for the next 14 weeks before venturing out on their own. Both parents share in the child-rearing duties.

Cotton-top tamarin family in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

We can’t wait to visit the triplets on our next visit. I doubt I’ll get photos as cute as these, but I’ll certainly try.

Animal Kingdom does such a fantastic job caring for its animals. Yes, the park has great attractions like Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest. But it has so much more to offer. The next time you visit, look for the Gal√°pagos Tortoises, kangaroos, and otters lounging in the shadow of the Tree of Life on Discovery Island. Go pet goats and pigs in Affection Section. And see if you can find Asian tigers relaxing in their pool. You’ll see some amazing animals while enjoying lighter crowds. Win-win!