Goat in Animal Kingdom's Affection Section

Tired of the Crowds? Pet a Goat in Affection Section

Yes, I’d rather pet a goat rather than deal with Disney World crowds. But I think you might, too. And you can do it at Affection Section at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, a hidden gem in Animal Kingdom.

Affection Section is a petting zoo. That might put some of you off. After all, most petting zoos are chaotic messes. But Disney doesn’t mess around when it comes to the health of their animals, so this petting zoo is quite the opposite. You actually have to wash up before you can enter. These animals are cleaner than Animal Kingdom guests.

Getting to Affection Section

Rafiki’s is accessible only by the Wildlife Express Train. The train leaves from Asia and clanks and bangs all the way to Rafiki’s, only adding to the charm. And there’s a huge bonus. You get to see Animal Kingdom’s backstage along the way. I love backstage Disney. I live for it.

Animal Kingdom's Wildlife Express Train
Animal Kingdom's Wildlife Express Train
Rhinoceros paddock in Animal Kingdom's backstage area
White rhino paddock visible from the train on the way to Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Once you arrive at the station, it’s a short walk to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. In addition to Affection Section, you can also visit Conservation Station. We’ll talk about that another time. You’ll want to hit that up, too.

As I said, you’ll have to wash your hands before entering the animal area. I wish all Disney World attractions had hand washing stations…

Affection Section animals

After cleaning up, you’ll find all kinds of docile animals ready to receive some love. In addition to goats, you’ll be able to interact with pigs, cows, sheep, donkeys, llamas, and chickens. You may pet, groom, and feed these gentle animals, and they’ll appreciate you for doing it.

Affection Section has shorter hours than the rest of the park. Be sure to check your My Disney Experience app for times.

Donkey in Animal Kingdom's Affection Section
Sheep in Animal Kingdom's Affection Section
Pig eating in Animal Kingdom's Affection Section
Cow in Animal Kingdom's Affection Section
The animals can sometimes need a break from guests. This cow went home for a breather.
Goat eating in Animal Kingdom's Affection Section

Affection Section is a must for anyone who appreciates slowing down on their Disney World vacation.

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