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Your Disney Hotel Thermostat Might Need to Be Adjusted

Your Disney hotel thermostat might not go as low as you would like. But don’t worry. It’s an easy fix.

On a recent Disney World vacation, we checked in to our resort pretty late in the evening. It was a warm, extremely muggy night. I was overheated after schlepping suitcases, backpacks, and Amazon groceries to the room. I cranked the air conditioner as low as it would go, which was only 68. It was blowing cold air, so I wasn’t concerned. But about 15 minutes later, it changed to lukewarm. And it was humid. I could tell that the compressor had switched off.

Rather than call guest services, I went to the front desk.

Always go to the front desk if you have any pressing issues with your room. Never call. You’ll get better results much more quickly.


I’m not going to lie. It was late and I was a little worried about our AC. I can’t sleep in hot and muggy. But the Cast Member at the front desk wasn’t even a little concerned. I later realized that this is a common inquiry.

A maintenance Cast Member arrived 10 minutes later. He did a quick check and confirmed everything was working properly. He then asked me how cold I liked my room. “How cold can you make it?”

So he adjusted the thermostat to allow for colder temperatures. It seems as though 68 is the default. He cranked ours to 65. Bless him.

Disney hotel thermostat in a Copper Creek Studio

I could’ve attempted to adjust the thermostat myself, but I’d rather let the professionals do it.

We don’t leave our thermostat that low during the day. But we need a cool room to sleep. No, it never gets to 65, but the AC also doesn’t blow lukewarm, humid air, either.

So now you know what to do if your Disney hotel thermostat is keeping you from enjoying that perfect sleep.

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