You Can Bike Down a Runway When You Visit Castaway Cay

You Can Bike Down a Runway When You Visit Castaway Cay

Ah, Castaway Cay. We’ll no doubt write many articles about this paradise. There is simply so much to do on this island that trying to cover it all in one post would be overwhelming to the writer and reader.

So let’s start by talking about one of the most affordable activities: biking.

Map of Disney's Castway Cay that shows bike rental locations and biking paths
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Unlike cabanas, parasailing, or WaveRunning, this is not something you need to book prior to your cruise. Bikes are always available. If you do opt to sign up early, realize that the rental time will say 8 AM. Don’t worry about showing up then. You can pick up your bike any time during the day.

This past April, we weren’t moving too quickly on our Castaway Cay day. We enjoyed a lazy breakfast in Marceline Market before heading for the beach. By the time we got to the island, the Family Beaches were packed. This would have aggravated me in years past, but now that our son is an adult, we simply hopped on a tram to Serenity Bay. There were plenty of chaise lounges and umbrellas available, even around 10:30 AM when we arrived. The name of this adult-only beach is a perfect description. We love the Family Beaches, but I think we might be done with them for a while.

After some time in the water, we decided to go on our ride. The Serenity Bay bike pick-up is right next to the entrance to the beach and the restaurants. We had reserved prior to our cruise, so we simply showed the attendant our Key to the World cards.

Family Beach guests can find bike rentals close to the Pelican Point tram stop. Their selection is much better than what you’ll find at the Serenity Bay location.

Unfortunately, Serenity Bay only has adult bikes. I know, it’s an adult-only beach, but the adult bikes are pretty big. And my wife is not very tall. We dropped the seat to its lowest setting, but starting and stopping still felt a little awkward for her. Once she got going, everything was fine. I wish we had rented from the main rental location to see if a youth bike would’ve been better.

Castaway Cay Bicycles

Now, the bike quality isn’t fantastic. While they do a good job maintaining them, these bikes live at the beach. Saltwater and sand aren’t great for anything mechanical. Our bikes worked fine, but they felt a little loose. My tires were completely bald but were properly inflated. Definitely check the tire pressure before you head out.

Our bike attendant didn’t say anything about helmets, so we biked without them. We would definitely have worn them if we were informed. Luckily we weren’t climbing L’Alpe d’Huez that day. The bike trails are about 1.5 incredibly flat miles, so you don’t need to be in shape to enjoy them.

Castaway Cay Airport

After you rent your bike at either location, your first path will be the Castaway Cay Airport runway. My son is into aviation, so this was a fun one for him, especially after I told him the dark history of this airport. I won’t go into details but just know that Castaway Cay was once used by some unsavory people to fly their products into the US.

The runway is also used by the trams, so keep an eye out. I guarantee the tram drivers will be watching you, as well.

Castaway Cay Airport runway

About halfway down the runway, you’ll find a Beech 18 aircraft. That marks the start of a meandering path that will take you deeper into the island.

Beech 18 on Castaway Cay
One of two Beech 18 airplanes on Castaway Cay

I recorded a video while riding my bike one-handed. I don’t recommend doing this. The handling is a little wonky.

Observation Tower

The looped path will take you to the Observation Tower, a 4-story structure that provides some great views of the island.

Castway Cay Observation Tower
View from the Observation Tower on Castaway Cay
View from the Observation Tower on Castaway Cay
View of the Disney Wish from the Castaway Cay Observation Tower
It was a hot day. You can see the heat shimmer distorting the view of the ship.
Bird sculpture in an outhouse visible from Castaway Cay Observation Tower
Bird sculpture in an outhouse visible from Castaway Cay Observation Tower. Yep.

Things to Know

  • Drink plenty of water. We didn’t bike very long, but we got hot very quickly. The runway and path radiate heat upward, and the sun was brutal that day. Fortunately, there are water stations along the path.
  • Some adult bikes have child seats attached. Trailers are not available.
  • As I mentioned, helmets are required. Unless you’re a noob like me and nobody tells you to put one on.
  • As I also mentioned, smaller adults might want to test both an adult bike and a child’s bike to see which is the better fit.
  • I wouldn’t recommend biking without decent footwear. Our water shoes worked well for us. I’m not a fan of biking in flip-flops.
  • As of writing, bikes cost $13 per hour for both children and adults.
Castaway Cay bicycles with child seats
Bikes with attached child seats