Universal's 2024 Summer Tribute Store Celebrates Iconic Films

Universal’s 2024 Summer Tribute Store Celebrates Iconic Films

Universal Orlando is all about the movies this summer. The resort already announced details about CineSational and the Universal Mega Movie Parade. Today, they’re letting us in on what’s coming to the Summer Tribute Store this Friday. It’s going to be awesome (especially for people my age).

Located in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Florida, this year’s Summer Tribute Store will transport guests to “The Tribute Store Plaza” – a 1980’s shopping mall featuring three highly immersive “mega” rooms – the nostalgic Mega Video Rental video store, a retro Mega Castle Arcade and the majestic Tribute Theatre. As guests explore the shop, they’ll discover various photo opportunities and countless Easter eggs inspired by familiar characters and moments from each of the films.

It’ll be like I stepped into a time machine! I’m sure younger guests will love it, too. Most of them are fascinated with my generation’s archaic technology and awful haircuts.

The Tribute Store is set to sell apparel, accessories, and home goods themed to films like Shrek, E.T., Ghostbusters, and Jaws. Later this summer, bubble wands inspired by Trolls, Minions, and Jurassic World will also go on sale. The wands will allow guests “to interact with each other as well as with specific floats in the Universal Mega Movie Parade when it debuts on July 3.”

For those of you unfamiliar with Universal’s Tribute Store, it’s a highly themed retail “experience” that offers exclusive merchandise, specialty food, and photo ops. We visited for the first time last fall when it was themed to Halloween Horror Nights. I had a blast, and that’s saying something. I loathe shopping.

Inside the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store from 2023
Inside the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store from 2023

Universal’s Summer Tribute Store opens May 24.