Universal Mega Movie Parade Debuts July 3

Universal Mega Movie Parade Debuts July 3

Fans of Universal movies should head to Universal Studios Orlando this summer. The Universal Mega Movie Parade, debuting July 3, will feature many of the studio’s most iconic films. 13 floats and 100 performers will take you inside the movie worlds of E.T., Back to the Future, Jaws, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World, Minions, Sing, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda. Universal also promises visitors will be treated to plenty of special effects during the largest daytime parade ever put on by the resort.

“Guests will watch in awe as they see the massive 16-foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man atop the Ghostbusters float, the colorful Caterbus and giant rainbows on the vibrant Trolls float, a live marching drum line perform the iconic movie score of Jaws alongside a float themed to the film, and – for the epic finale – a Gyrosphere, Raptors and the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex aboard the Jurassic World float – and so much more. Fans should also pay close attention to the parade to see if they can spot additional details that nod to iconic elements from the films.”

Universal Press Release

In addition to the parade, Universal also announced that a nighttime show is coming to the lagoon on June 14. CineSational will feature 600 drones, 228 foundations, 4K projection mapping, and an all-new musical score. Universal’s Summer Tribute Store will also complement the movie theme. More details will be provided in the future.

The Universal Mega Movie Parade debuts July 3 at Universal Studios Orlando.