Test Track's Single Rider Line Saves Tons of Time

Test Track’s Single Rider Line Saves Tons of Time

Alright, I am that Disney dad. I love rides. And I love coming up with the perfect plan to experience many, many rides a day: Fast Passes (RIP), Genie+, early entry, closing parks, etc. But the best time saver (where available) is a single rider queue.

I’m not talking about you, Aerosmith. You’re a disgrace.

Single rider queues are few and far between at Disney World. And there’s a reason for that. Queues have to accommodate a third line (standby, Lightning Lane, single rider), and that space isn’t always available. The ride vehicles need to make sense, as well. A Pirates of the Caribbean boat doesn’t really need single riders to fill in the seats, for example.

But Test Track’s queue and ride vehicles are perfect for the concept.

Test Track exterior
The main line you see is for Lightning Lane. The standby wait time was cranked up to 110 minutes to accommodate all those paying customers. We waited 15 minutes in the single rider queue.

The single rider line bypasses the car design room. Which is fine. We have an older child. We’ve built plenty. And they’ve all been plasma burners.

The ride vehicle works well since each row has three seats. Just think of all the couples and families of four that need you to balance their car!

Test Track loading area

There are some negatives. Your family or friends will be split up. That’s not a big deal for us as we’ve ridden it no less than 50 times. But experiencing Disney awesomeness is best with your loved ones.

Young riders might not want to sit with strangers. FYI, you have to be 7 years or older to even ride by yourself.

And as I said, you can’t design your own car. It’s a fun interaction that keeps coming back throughout the ride.

Finally, you won’t have a single ride photo that shows your entire group.

But if you want to slam rides, do the single rider. On average, we wait less than 10 minutes to get on the ride. And that’s with standby wait times of an hour plus.