Super Nintendo World Coming to Epic Universe

Super Nintendo World Coming to Epic Universe

Universal is not messing around with Epic Universe. The immersive lands coming to this new park are living up to the hype. We’ve already learned about Celestial Park and How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk. Today, we’re getting a sneak peek into Super Nintendo World. Parts of this new land will be familiar to Universal Studios Hollywood and Japan guests, but Epic’s version will be unique in many ways. Let’s get to the details!

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Concept art for Epic Universe's Super Nintendo World. Copyright Universal.

Guests will enter Super Nintendo World through the iconic green pipe, adorned with Mario’s trademark “Here We Go!” Once through, they’ll be treated to incredible views of Super Mario Land, including Mt. Beanpole, Bower’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, Piranha Plants, Goombas, spinning coins, ? Blocks (not a typo), and more.

Super Mario Land

Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge. Copyright Universal.

Super Mario Land’s headline attraction is Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. Mario Kart is similar to the rides in Universal Studios Japan and Hollywood. It uses augmented reality, projection mapping, and physical environments to immerse riders in one of Nintendo’s most beloved games. Epic’s version has Bowser challenging Mario to a race through Bowser’s Castle. Riders will collect coins, toss shells, and dodge obstacles. If you’ve played it in the game, it’s on the ride!

Yoshi's Adventure concept art. Copyright Universal.

Yoshi’s Adventure is a family-friendly ride that will offer guests fantastic views of the land. Guests will help Yoshi search for three colorful, glowing eggs as they travel through Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi’s Adventure is making its US debut, although the ride is available in Japan.

Toadstool Cafe coming to Epic Universe's Super Nintendo World. Copyright Universal.

Gamers will have several dining choices in Super Mario Land. Toadstool Cafe will serve Mario and Luigi-themed burgers, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs, and more. Universal Creative made sure to keep the magic alive inside this restaurant, as guests will be able to watch chef Toads cooking their meals through virtual windows. Yoshi’s Snack Island and Turbo Boost Treats are walk-up locations that will offer snacks, treats, and drinks.

Meet Mario and Luigi in Super Nintendo World. Copyright Universal.

In between rides and eats, guests should be on the lookout for Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. These characters will be available for Meet and Greets throughout the land.

Finally, Guests can purchase all of the Nintendo apparel, souvenirs, and toys at 1-UP Factory and Mario Motors.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country concept art. Copyright Universal.

Donkey Kong Country is the second land in Super Nintendo World. Found on the edge of Super Mario Land, it features a tropical landscape including tall trees, waterfalls, and The Golden Temple. This area perfectly matches the vibe of the video game. I should know. I played many hours of DKC while I was in college.

Mine-Cart Madness coming to Epic Universe's Super Nintendo World. Copyright Universal.

Mine-Cart Madness is the lone attraction in Donkey Kong Country. This family-friendly coaster uses all-new technology to fool riders into thinking the track has disappeared at key moments on the ride. Universal Creative has also figured out how to make riders feel as though they’ve blasted out of a barrel, all without the use of screens. That’s right, this coaster will create every illusion without relying on brain-scrambling projections.

I can’t wait for Mine-Cart Madness.

Donkey Kong Country will also include a “tropical menu and merchandise offerings,” but no more details are available at this time.

Power-Up Bands

Super Nintendo World interactive features. Copyright Universal.

Guests can purchase Power-Up Bands to enhance the time they spend in Super Nintendo World. The wearable technology allows them to collect digital coins throughout both lands by punching ? Blocks (not a typo) and playing interactive games. They can also collect digital attraction stamps, earn digital keys to unlock a showdown against Bowser, Jr., and much more. There are Leaderboard screens available throughout Super Nintendo World. I like the idea, but I’m not sure I’ll play very often. I don’t love feeling competitive while on vacation. Well, maybe at rope drop…

Check out @bioreconstruct’s aerial footage of Super Nintendo World. Concept art is great, but his shots are even better.

As I mentioned, Super Nintendo World isn’t exclusive to Epic Universe. Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood already have their versions. In fact, Donkey Kong Country will be opening in Japan very soon. But Orlando’s world promises to be the largest of the three.

I love what I’m seeing from Universal Creative. Super Nintendo World seems to be a labor of love for the team, and it shows.

“We all have our favorite games. We all have our favorite charaters. We’re the fans, so our primary goal was to make sure – not just for us, but for the guests – [that] this was the ultimate Nintendo experience.”

Andrew Padua, Creative Director, Universal Creative

Finally, see the land for yourself!

I can’t wait to walk through that green pipe for the first time. Super Nintendo World and Epic Universe open in 2025.