Isle of Berk portal concept art. Copyright Universal.

Universal Announces Details for Epic Universe’s Isle of Berk

Universal recently announced the five lands coming to Epic Universe in 2025. All five look… epic, but one is calling me. Today Universal confirmed I will be sprinting to How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk every time I enter the park.

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Isle of Berk concert art. Copyright Universal.
Dragon's Eye View of Isle of Berk concert art. Copyright Universal.

Guests will see what it’s like to live amongst dragons as they explore a larger-than-life world that includes exciting attractions, beloved character meet-and-greets, dining, shopping – and even flying dragons – based on DreamWorks Animation’s multi-award winning and Academy Award-nominated trilogy, “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Isle of Berk Village Plaza concert art. Copyright Universal.
Isle of Berk Village Plaza

Universal Creative and filmmakers from DreamWorks Animation and Univeral Pictures are collaborating on the new land, which will feature the “rugged, rocky world” of the How to Train Your Dragon films. The land is set between the second and third movies. Team members promise that guests “will encounter one of the most breathtaking environments Universal has ever created – complete with immense architecture featuring hand-carved details, lush landscaping, and extraordinary heights of rolling hills surrounding vibrant dragon houses and local establishments.”

Guests entering Isle of Berk will first see 40-foot Viking statues standing over a lagoon. Behind them stands the village perched on cliffs. The land includes four attractions, restaurants, a live show, and “sporadic bouts of fire.”

And dragons. Guests will discover 30 different dragons representing 17 species on the Isle of Berk.

“We have dragons flying overhead. We have dragons that are shooting out flames. And they’re not just in the distance. They’re right in front of you.”

Isle of Berk entrance concert art. Copyright Universal.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders

Hiccup's Wing Gliders concert art. Copyright Universal.
Hiccup's Wing Gliders concert art. Copyright Universal.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders is a family rollercoaster invented by Hiccup himself. Hiccup wants guests to experice what it’s like to fly on the back of a dragon. Unfortunately, Toothless isn’t thrilled with the idea, and launches the gliders before Hiccup can attach the wings. Instead of soaring high over park, riders are sent kareening over the lagoon.

The Untrainable Dragon

Untrainable dragon concert art. Copyright Universal.

The Untrainable Dragon is a “dragon-filled live spectacular [that] takes guests on an unforgettable journey with beloved characters Hiccup, Toothless, Gobber, and Astrid as they work together to solve the mystery of The Untrainable Dragon.” Inspired by Universal Beijing Resort’s “Untrainable,” this Broadway-level show features musical numbers and larger-than-life dragons.

Fyre Drill

Fyre Drill concert art. Copyright Universal.
Fyre Drill concert art. Copyright Universal.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut will help guests learn how to put out dragon fires on Fyre Drill. Two teams of Vikings will board dragon-headed boats and blast water cannons at mechanical targets. “You will probably get soaked.”

Dragon Racer’s Rally

Dragon Racers Rally concert art. Copyright Universal.
Dragon Racers Rally concert art. Copyright Universal.

Want to soar over Berk? Then jump on Dragon Racer’s Rally, where you will “practice aerobatic maneuvers and high-speed barrel rolls on two Viking-made dragon-riding trainers that reach heights of up to 67 feet in the air.” You can choose a “mild” or “wild” experience. Sign me up for the former. Or maybe I’ll sit this one out.

Viking Training Camp

Viking Training Camp concert art. Copyright Universal.

Younger guests will love Viking Training Camp. This interactive area has a Viking agility course, a Toothless-themed teeter-totter, baby Gronckle dragon climbers, and more.

My son watched How to Train Your Dragon at least 100 times when he was younger. He’d have stayed in this playground from rope drop to park close if it was available back then.

Character Meet-and-Greets

Hiccup and Toothless meet-and-greet concert art. Copyright Universal.

I told you I’m sprinting to this land every time we visit Epic Universe. And then I’ll be sprinting to meet Hiccup and Toothless once I get through the portal. I’ll be touching Toothless’ snout as I look away. Cliché but necessary.

Universal promises guests will encounter other Vikings and dragons throughout the day, as well.

Snow Wraith concert art. Copyright Universal.
Snow Wraith with Kenan Thompson (far left). Thanks to Alicia Stella for the heads up!

Isle of Berk Dining

Mead Hall

Mead Hall  concert art. Copyright Universal.
Mead Hall concert art. Copyright Universal.

Mead Hall is the main gathering hall in the center of Berk. Guests will be treated to a variety of meats, fish, sandwiches, meads, ciders, and more.

Spit Fyre Grill

Spit Fyre Grill guests will be able to watch the action of the Fyre Drill attraction as they eat in this quick-service restaurant. The menu features “hearty meals flame-seared by a helpful (unseen) dragon fry cook.”

Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel

Guests who don’t want to miss out on rides should stop by Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel, a food stand located in the Viking Camp. Details are scarce, but I think they’ll serve grog and gruel.


Isle of Berk nighttime atmosphere  concert art. Copyright Universal.

Viking Traders, How to Treat Your Dragon, Hiccup’s Work Shop, and Toothless’ Treasures are Berk’s highly themed shops. Parents on a budget should prepare themselves now.

You don’t have to wait for Epic to open to shop for Dragon merchandise. Universal is selling an Isle of Berk collection for a limited time.

In addition to the beautiful concept art, Universal has also released two videos. In the first, the creative team provides even more context to the land’s theming, attractions, restaurants, and more.

The second video is an animated fly-through of the land.

Isle of Berk and the rest of Epic Universe opens in 2025.