Please Don't Leave Your Half-Eaten Apple on the Bus

Please Don’t Leave Your Half-Eaten Apple on the Bus

Years ago, we were seated next to a family on a bus ride to Animal Kingdom. One of the teenage kids was eating an apple. After they got off, I noticed he had left the core and some other trash on the seat. I told the driver about the mess and booked it off the bus. I caught them pretty easily. With a pleasant smile on my face:

“You left your apple on the bus.”

“What?” said the mom.

“Your apple. It’s still on the bus.”

“Oh! Thank you so much!”

She acted like that apple was suddenly important and made of show of going back to the stop. But she never got there. After a few seconds, she was once again walking toward the park entrance. I know my actions didn’t help anything in the moment. But I hope that it caused them to think twice before doing it again. One can dream.

Disney bus drivers are on an island. They can’t confront guests about half-eaten apples. Their priority is the safety of everyone on their bus. Engaging with people who would litter on a Disney bus isn’t in their best interests.

Anyway, let’s take care of people, especially Cast Members.