It’s Tough to Be a Bug Will Terrorize Your Child

It’s Tough to Be a Bug Will Terrorize Your Child

Disney World has many, many attractions that are perfect for younger guests. Dumbo, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Festival of the Lion King, Frozen Ever After… there are many options for parents of young children. It’s Tough to Be a Bug is not on that list. No matter how cute you think the Pixar movie is, this 3D show can and will scare your child.

I remember our first visit to Walt Disney World with our then 5-year-old. He was hiding on the floor within a minute of the bugs appearing on the screen. Then some spiders showed up and he was done. He didn’t want to watch Muppet Vision 3D the next day when he found out it was another 3D attraction. We had to assure him it was nothing like the carnage from the day before.

What makes this show so scary for younger viewers? Well, it starts with the bugs. Gigantic 3D bugs. Add in an assault on your senses, and your young ones might try to bolt from the theater.

Chili in the It's Tough to be a Bug! show

Here are a few examples of the terror that’s unleashed under the Tree of Life. Spoilers ahead.

  • A tarantula shoots webs at the audience (compressed air puffs and plenty of loud noises).
  • A termite spits acid (small jets of water hit you in the face).
  • Claire de Room, a stink bug, passes gas. Yep, you’ll smell it. But I love her name.
  • The audience gets smacked with a 3D fly swatter.
  • We all choke on bug repellent (an unpleasant fog fills the theater).
  • Hopper, the villain, unleashes hornets on the theater. They’ll sting you in the back if you’re leaning back in your seat.
  • A chameleon keeps trying to eat Hopper.
  • Black widow spiders descend from the ceiling.

It is terrifying. I don’t know what the Imagineers were thinking when they came up with this attraction, but I doubt many of them had young children.

Claire de Room in the It's Tough to be a Bug! show
Knock 'em Dead Exterminators scene in It's Tough to be a Bug!

What about our son?

Well, 15 years have passed and all wounds have healed. In fact, we watch Bug every time we visit Animal Kingdom. Why? It’s a fantastic show. And we love laughing at the chaos in the theater. Also, it has a great queue.

It’s Tough to Be a Bug is slated to close at some point in the next year or two. It’s to be replaced by a Zootopia feature. My family is going to be sad to see it go, a sentiment that might not be shared by many younger Disney fans.