Pixar lamp and ball in the Pixar Place lobby. Copyright Disney.

Disneyland’s Pixar Place Hotel Now Open

Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel had its grand opening today, and plenty of Pixar favorites were on hand for the celebration. This resort has undergone many name changes since opening in 1984, but I think this one might stick. Disney has loaded this hotel with nods to Pixar movies. In fact, every Pixar film is represented in some way, from artwork to contemporary decor to favorite characters.

Disney's Pixar Place grand opening featured many Pixar favorites. Copyright Disney.

In addition to Woody, Buzz, Joy, Mater, Coco, and many Pixar greats, Pete Docter was also on hand to help launch the updated hotel. Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer had this to say:

“At Pixar, our mission is to tell great stories. And nothing is more exciting than when we see those stories come to life in Disney parks. Pixar Place Hotel at the Disneyland Resort is the perfect example – it’s like walking into a world of Pixar. It’s truly immersive, and we’re thrilled to have collaborated with Walt Disney Imagineering to make such an experience possible for guests.”

Pete Docter, Pixar Animation Studios Chief Creative Officer

Pixar Characters

Joe Gardner from Pixar's Soul performing in the Pixar Place lobby. Copyright Disney.
Joe Gardner from Pixar’s Soul. Copyright Disney.

We’ve already told you about Bing Bong, Inside Out’s favorite hybrid cat / elephant / dolphin / cotton candy creature. I’d love to meet him, but I’m more excited to meet Joe Gardner from Soul. He’ll drop in occasionally to play his brand of piano jazz music in the hotel lobby, near the staircase.

The lobby

Pixar lamp and ball in the Pixar Place lobby. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

I love the look of this entryway space. Two icons, the Pixar Lamp and Ball, are the centerpiece of the atrium. An abstract mobile hangs above. And Carl and Ellie’s house moves up and down with the elevator.

Pixar Place lobby. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

The lobby also includes plenty of Pixar art. Seven giant portraits adorn the walls. Pixar music fills the space, even when Joe isn’t on hand. Ten new arrangements of Pixar classics have been composed for the hotel. That music is already available for you to listen to.


Pixar Place has plenty of new dining, as well.

Great Maple - A Modern American Eatery at Disney's Pixar Place. Copyright Disney.
Great Maple – A Modern American Eatery at Disney’s Pixar Place. Copyright Disney.
Maple Bacon Doughnuts from Great Maple. Copyright Disney.
Maple Bacon Doughnuts from Great Maple. Copyright Disney.

Pixar Place’s main restaurant is Great Maple. Its menu features plenty of comfort food, including Cajun Shrimp & Cheddar Biscuit Benedict, Soda Pop-Braised Baby Back Ribs, Charred Cauliflower Hummus, Maple Pecan-Crusted Salmon, and Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Maple Bacon Doughnuts. Craft cocktails are also available.

Great Maple seating area with Pixar artwork on the walls. Copyright Disney.
Great Maple seating area. Copyright Disney.

The dining area features several Pixar portraits, originally housed in the Pixar offices in Emeryville, California. This is the first time they’ve been made available to the public.

The Sketch Pad Café. Copyright Disney.

The Sketch Pad Café features quick-service items and a full espresso bar. The restaurant is decorated with early concepts of your favorite Pixar characters.

Rooftop deck and pool

Exterior of Pixar Place Hotel. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

Outside the hotel, families will love the third-floor rooftop deck. The Pixar Shorts Court offers plenty of games inspired by Pixar shorts, including Bao, For the Birds, La Luna, and Burrow. This area will be a prime viewing spot for Disneyland fireworks later in the evening.

Pixar Place pool themed to Finding Nemo. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney.

The pool has plenty of areas for kids of all ages. Nemo’s Cove is a Finding Nemo-themed splash pad. Crush’s Surfin’ Slide leads swimmers into Pixel Pool. And if you’d rather stay dry, you might want to rent a private day bed, cabana, or pod.

You won’t have to go inside for food. The deck has Small Bytes, which service floats, ceviche, soft pretzels, and nachos. Small Bytes is decorated by pixel art created specifically for the space.

The rooms

Pixar Place hotel room. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

The rooms feature a gigantic headboard filled with a mural of Pixar concept art. The Pixar Ball shows up once again, this time in the accent pillow design. The room looks great. I love the color palette and the wood floors. But I’m most excited about the Pixar Lamp on the desk. I need this in my office.

Want more? Let Imagineer Kristin Makela take you on a room tour.


Pixar Place has your shopping needs covered. This WALL-E homage features actual movie props from Pixar films. Disney souvenirs and sundries are available here.

Stor-E at Disney's Pixar Place. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney.
Interior of Stor-E at Disney's Pixar Place. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney.