Disneyland to Resume Magic Key Sales

Disneyland to Resume Magic Key Sales

Disneyland has announced that all Magic Key passes are once again going on sale on March 5. Guests will be able to enter the waiting room no earlier than 8:45 AM Pacific Time. Sales will begin no earlier than 9 AM. As Disneyland fans know, Magic Key quantities are very limited, so be ready when that waiting room window opens.

Fans hope that this sale will run more smoothly than the last when many were unable to purchase a pass even after waiting for hours in a virtual queue. Disney has worked to mitigate those issues with a “notify me” option. Disney will use status messages to inform guests if they’re unlikely to be successful in purchasing passes.

All four Magic Key passes will be available for sale or upgrade:

  • Inspire Key: $1,649
  • Believe Key: $1,249
  • Enchant Key: $849
  • Imagine Key: $499

The Imagine Key is only available to Southern California residents.

How “notify me” works

Once you check “notify me”, you’ll receive an email confirming your place in the queue. This email will include a link that will allow you to check your queue status. Feel free to click that link as often as you like.

A second email will let you that it’s your turn to purchase. This message will also include a link, but you can only click this one once. And you only have 10 minutes to open the link. So while “notify me” allows you to untether from your computer or phone, you can’t go too far. If you miss your window or close the page before finalizing your purchase, you’ll have to start all over. By that point, you’re toast.

Yay for Disney stress!

Tips for success

  • Log into the Disneyland site before 8:45 AM.
  • Have your payment information ready.
  • Enter the queue right at 8:45. Disney recommends clicking the “Purchase Magic Key Passes” link on the Magic Key overview page. But power users will skip that page and go directly to the Disneyland passes page, instead.
  • Don’t stray far from your phone or computer after opting in to “notify me.”
  • Only click that second email’s link once. And don’t close that page!

I just want to tell you good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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