Ratatouille and Zootopia wrapped Disney World buses. Copyright Disney.

Disney World Adding 90 Buses

Disney World is adding 90 buses to its transportation fleet.

Transportation cast are ‘wheely’ excited to welcome 90 new buses to our Walt Disney World fleet! Rolling out in 2024, guests can travel in style as many of the new buses feature brand-new wraps with characters from fan-favorite films like Zootopia and Ratatouille … some of which you’ll see our cast members driving today with even MORE debuting throughout the year. Be sure to keep an eye out!

Zootopia wrapped Disney World bus. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

Other wraps include 101 Dalmations, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Figment, and Orange Bird. More importantly, the new buses have enhanced accessibility features. While older models could only accommodate two guests in wheelchairs or mobility scooters, the newer models allow for three. Those guests will be safer, as well, thanks to the QUANTUM system. It uses a mechanical arm to secure the guest in place. This should allow those guests to load and unload quickly, a huge benefit to all riders!

Interior of a new Disney World bus with enhanced mobility features. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

30 of the buses started service today, replacing older models in the fleet. The other 60 will be added throughout the year. There are 420 buses in the Walt Disney World fleet. They make 12,000 trips every day!

Disney World buses get a bad rap. They usually get you where you want to go with minimal hassle. But when someone is trying to get to that Space 220 reservation and the bus is late? All of social media is going to hear about it.