Pluto Scarf from the DCL Celebration at Sea Package

Disney Cruise Line Birthday Extras Are Greatness, Even for Old People Like Me

My family and some friends recently cruised on the Disney Wish to celebrate my milestone birthday. I won’t say which milestone, but I did see Star Wars in a theater. And it wasn’t called A New Hope then. But my age didn’t stop my wife from ordering what most would think is a child’s decoration package for our cabin. She knows me well.

Pluto is front and center in the “Celebration at Sea” decorations. A Pluto “scarf” is draped across the foot of the bed. A “celebrate” banner hangs horizontally over the bed. Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie pillowcases and an oversized towel complete the bed decorations. A vertical banner is not pictured. Sorry. No matter how many pictures I take, it’s never enough.

Disney Cruise Line's Celebration at Sea decorations

I just checked the Disney Cruise website, and it looks like Pluto has actually been retired. The new decorations are as follows:

Celebrate their birthday on the high seas with a stateroom overflowing with festive Disney Cruise Line magic. Featuring Captains Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse—plus their friends Donald Duck, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy—this colorful collection boasts an oversized “Celebrate Today” towel, 2 “It’s My Day” pillowcases, an ”It’s My Day” scarf, a ”Happy Birthday” door magnet, a horizontal “Happy Birthday” ceiling banner and a hanging “Celebrate” ceiling banner.

My wife also ordered a Mickey Cake. It was delivered in the Marvel dining room on my actual birthday. Our servers asked us for our dessert order (my wife was the only one who knew the cake was coming). Those desserts were hardly touched. The Mickey Cake was devoured by everyone at the table. This was the second-best dessert we had all week. If you’re wondering, first place went to the Buttermilk Panna Cotta Pot at Palo Steakhouse.

Mickey Chocolate Cake

The Mickey Cake is $55 and may be ordered here.