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Costco is Offering a 10% Discount on Southwest Airlines Gift Cards

Who doesn’t like free money? That’s what Costco is offering with the return of their Southwest Airlines Gift Cards. Each card is worth $500 but only costs $449.99. I buy these at least once a year to save on vacation flights. If you don’t mind not having seat assignments, you probably won’t find a better deal on air travel.

Costco's display of Southwest Airlines Gift Cards

Your gift cards will be delivered via email. You might find physical cards in the stores on occasion. Physical and electronic gift cards have the same rules:

  • You can redeem online, at a ticket counter, or by calling (800) 435-9792
  • The card can only be used to purchase Southwest Airlines flights, not vacation packages, hotels, rental cards, etc.
  • The card is non-refundable
  • There is a limit of 5 per membership
  • You can only use up to 3 cards per passenger on a reservation
  • The card is not replaceable if lost or stolen. Costco says, “Protect this card like cash.”
  • Call (866) 393-2081 to check the balance

Costco will take another $20 off Southwest Gift Cards at certain times of the year. Combine them with one of Southwest’s many sales, and you’ll save enough to enjoy a Jiko filet or a Via Napoli mezze metro pizza.