BD-X Droids Strolling Around Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge

BD-X Droids Strolling Around Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

BD-X droids are making the rounds in Galaxy’s Edge as part of Disneyland’s Season of the Force. These droids are capable of incredible movements; they can walk, dance, and jump with ease. And all with so much personality. They are Star Wars greatness!

While the droids officially debuted today, Imagineers tested them in the park last October.

BD-X Droids are now walking the streets of Galaxy's Edge. Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney
Disney Imagineers with BD-X Droids. Copyright Disney.
Disney Imagineers working on BD-X droids. Copyright Disney.

Characters like these droids are what fans imagined when Galaxy’s Edge was announced years ago. The land should be filled with Star Wars kinetic energy – droids, drones, banthas, fireworks… I want it all. But that hasn’t materialized. Season of the Force is bringing some of it to Disneyland, but that vibe shouldn’t be limited to special events. And it certainly shouldn’t be limited to one park.

I’m all for unique Disney Park experiences. As much as I love Cars Land, I don’t necessarily want to see it in Walt Disney World. But Disney built identical Galaxy’s Edges in Florida and California. Why doesn’t Disney offer similar experiences in both? In the past year, Disneyland’s guests have been treated to BD-X droids, Ahsoka, Sabine Wren, General Hera Syndulla, Chopper (another droid), and fireworks. Batuu East has seen none of that. Not cool.

Let’s hope we see more Imagineering greatness in Galaxy’s Edge. Season of the Force runs through June 2, 2024.