Mickey and Minnie Mouse skull and cross bones

Mickey and Minnie Pirate Shirt Designs Are Available

We’ve been on a few Disney cruises, but we’ve never dressed up for Pirate Night. It’s just not our thing. But on our latest Wish cruise, we decided to go all out by wearing themed tee shirts. We thought we looked pretty good… until our friend showed up looking great in his full-length pirate coat.

Before the cruise, I asked a good friend and Cricut guru if she could help with our shirts. She found hundreds of Disney pirate-design SVGs. For those not familiar with the Cricut, an SVG is the vector graphic needed to make patterns using that machine. Unfortunately, none of the SVGs resonated with us, so I began looking elsewhere. I found an old Mickey Mouse skull and crossbones trading pin that seemed perfect. I created the graphics in Adobe Illustrator and shipped them off to my friend. She made them look better than I imagined.

Minnie Mouse skull and cross bones tee shirt
Mickey Mouse skull and cross bones tee shirt

She amped up my design by adding glitter to Minnie’s bow. I despise glitter, but the vinyl glitter she used didn’t get all over my wife, so I’ll allow it in the house.

So if you, too, would like to do the bare minimum and wear tee shirts to a Disney Cruise Pirate Night, feel free to download these SVGs.

Download SVGs

We’d love to see the finished product, so please tag us on any of our socials. You can find them in the page footer below.

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