DVC Shares Fort Wilderness Cabins Floor Plans, Points, Pet Rules, and More

DVC Shares Fort Wilderness Cabins Floor Plans, Points, Pet Rules, and More

Disney Vacation Club recently filed several documents with Orange County that offer more information on the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Thanks to DVCNews.com for alerting me to these updates. I’ve never done a county records search before. It was time-consuming. But I found what I needed in the end.

Contract Details

DVC contracts typically run roughly 50 years. Cabins will follow that model as these contracts will expire on January 31, 2075. I’ll be a centenarian by then, so I might not be buying.

Like recent DVC properties, new resale restrictions will apply to the Fort Wilderness Cabins. That is, Fort Wilderness contracts bought on the resale market can only be used on these Cabins. Further, guests who purchased a resale contract on or after January 19, 2019, will not be eligible to stay here.

Fort Wilderness Cabin Floor Plan

The floor plans match the layout depicted in Disney’s concept art. They offer even more details, including actual dimensions and the bathroom layout. The latter includes two vanities, one outside the bathroom itself. I like what I see in the large shower. There’s plenty of room for a rain shower head.

Disney previously stated that each Cabin will come equipped with a two-burner range, but the plans show a five-burner stove. We’ll have to wait and see what is installed.

Finally, plans confirm that a washer and dryer are not included. The closet between the kitchen and bathroom is for a water heater.

Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort floor plan

Documents also include a floor plan for an accessible cabin. In addition to a ramp, these units have a slightly larger footprint. The bathroom is also a different configuration. The second vanity has been removed to create more space. The shower is also ADA-compliant.

Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort accessible (ADA) floor plan

Disney has also released the official floor plan which showcases the cabin’s furniture, flooring, appliances, and bedding.

Fort Wilderness Cabin floor plan. Copyright Disney.

Cabins will be a great use of DVC points

Again, thanks to DVCnews.com for this next bit. Each cabin is expected to represent 7,661 points per year. That averages to less than 21 points per night. This is a very simplistic way of looking at points since we don’t know if DVC will offer different Villa types or views. But it does tell us that these Cabins will be a steal, especially for owners who have larger families (remember, these Villas sleep six guests). Fort Wilderness Cabins will be the cheapest One-Bedroom Villas at Walt Disney World.

Why so cheap? Well, Fort Wilderness Cabins don’t have the same amenities as other Villas, most notably the washer and dryer. The Fort Wilderness grounds are also very spread out. Guests will probably want to have a car or rent a golf cart. We need to save our steps for the parks, after all. Finally, the layout is a bit unorthodox for DVC villas. The master bedroom doesn’t have a king-size bed or an adjoining bathroom.

These are minor nits. These Cabins are going to be a steal. I wonder if they’ll ever be available at the 7-month window.

Pet Rules

This is the one and only Disney property that allows pets (dogs) on property. As you can imagine, there are many rules. I’m fine with that.

In short, you can bring up to two dogs. They’re not allowed on any furniture (uh huh). They can’t be left alone for longer than seven hours. And they can’t disrupt the peace and quiet of the Fort Wilderness Resort.

Here is the complete list as found in the documents filed by Disney:

  1. Dogs are the only pets allowed, with a maximum of two (2) permitted per Vacation Home
  2. All users including Owners, lessees, guests, invitees, licensees, or exchangers are responsible for the proper care, behavior and waste maintenance of their dogs throughout the Resort Property
  3. Current vaccination records must be provided upon request of Management Company.
  4. Dogs must be fully trained and are not allowed on furniture anywhere on the Resort Property.
  5. Dogs must be accompanied at all times and restrained on a leash, in a pet carrier, or within a bounded area when outside of a Vacation Home. Unattended dogs may be removed from the Resort Property at the user’s expense.
  6. Dogs cannot disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests. fI Management Company, in its discretion, determines that a dog’s behavior is objectionable to other guests or creates a disturbance, the responsible Owner, lessee
    guest, invitee, licensee, or exchanger must immediately remove the dog from the Resort Property and arrange for the dog to be housed outside of the Resort Property at such user’s sole expense.
  7. Dogs are not permitted in food and beverage locations, Club lounges, pool areas, fitness areas, and other recreational areas and facilities.
  8. Dogs must not be left unattended in a Vacation Home for more than seven (7) hours; provided, however, if a dog becomes disruptive when left alone, the Management Company reserves the right to require that the dog not be left unattended, or otherwise require the dog to be removed from the Resort Property in accordance with paragraph 6 above.
  9. All users, including Owners, lessees, guests, invitees, licensees, and exchangers with pets on the Resort Property must call to schedule a cleaning time for the Vacation Home when the dogs will not be present. Housekeeping service is only available when dogs are not present in the Vacation Home.
  10. Upon check-in, a door hanger is provided with the welcome amenity kit indicating a Vacation Home is occupied by dogs. The door hanger must be displayed outside the Vacation Home at all times dogs are in residence to alert employees or agents of the Association or Management Company, and employees or agents of any of the TWDC Companies that dogs are present in the Vacation Home
  11. All users, including Owners, lessees, guests, invitees, licensees, and exchangers with dogs may be permitted to use select transportation services serving the Resort Property as may be made available from time to time in order to use any such designated resort transportation, dogs must be kept in pet carriers for the duration of the transit. Presently, only internal buses servicing Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and Disney’s Port Orleans Resort accommodate pets.
  12. Dogs are not permitted in Theme Parks, Water Parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney Springs®.
  13. All users, including Owners, lessees, guests, invitees, licensees, and exchangers are required to pay all pet fees that are chargeable from time to time, which fees are currently as follows: Owners are charged $30/night and lessees, guests, invitees, licensees and exchangers are charged $50/night. The Association and Management Company, in their discretion, have the right to change the pet fees or impose different pet fees in the future. Visit disneyvacationclub.com or contact Disney Vacation Club Member Services to confirm current pet fees.
    20230743964 Page 79 of 115
  14. These Pet Rules are subject to change from time-to-time in Management Company’s discretion, including to prohibit dogs from being brought onto the Resort Property in the future. Owners are not guaranteed that dogs wil be permitted on the Resort Property in the future and should not purchase aVacation Ownership Interest in reliance on the continued ability to bring dogs onto the Resort Property.
  15. Any violation of these Pet Rules shall entitle the Management Company to pursue any and all legal and equitable remedies for the enforcement of such provisions, including an action for damages, an action for injunctive relief, an action for declaratory judgment, removal of the pet, or the responsible Owner, lessee, guest, invitee, licensee or exchanger from the Resort Property, prohibition or cancellation of a reservation for a Vacation Home, or remedies available under Chapter 509, Florida Statutes.

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