Disney Shares Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure! Ride System Details

Disney Shares Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure! Ride System Details

Disney shared details of the all-new ride system used on Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure! in Fantasy Springs. The attraction officially debuts June 6 in Tokyo DisneySea, but plenty have already experienced the ride. And the reviews are stellar, thanks in part to that new ride system.

On the ride, guests will join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Kids as they try to rescue John from Captain Hook. They’ll board a boat that soars (thanks to Tink’s pixie dust) over iconic scenes from the movie. This sounds very familiar to Peter Pan’s Flight fans, but the Tokyo version is even more immersive. Disney Imagineers collaborated with Walt Disney Animation Studios artists to create a ride that “seamlessly blends ride vehicle motion with show elements and all-new animation, including a groundbreaking projection system.”

Imagineers working on Peter Pan's Never Land Adventure! Copyright Disney.
Copyright Disney

“Imagineers explored various ride systems, ultimately settling on a motion base to create the illusion of soaring through the air. This innovative approach, combined with meticulous attention to detail, resulted in a full six degrees of freedom motion base, a turntable and track system that delivers an unparalleled sense of flight and immersion.

“The groundbreaking solid state projection system allows a single lens to create stunning 3D effects. This, coupled with meticulous testing and integration of practical sets, ensured a seamless blend of physical and digital elements, enhancing the overall immersive experience.”

Julia Ohlrich, Walt Disney Imagineering

Screens have become a popular story-telling vehicle in theme parks. When done well (Rise of the Resistance, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Cosmic Rewind), they add to the experience. Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure! looks like it can be added to that list. We can’t wait to experience it, but for now, we’ll have to live vicariously through YouTube videos of the attraction. Note: it is a 3D ride, so the screens will look blurry.

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