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Country Bear Jamboree Closing on January 27 in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom’s Country Bear Jamboree will be closing forever on January 27. But fans of the show shouldn’t be too upset with the news, as the Country Bear Musical Jamboree will be taking its place in Grizzly Hall later this summer.

The current Country Bears show is a cult favorite, but its time has come and gone. Many of the songs have questionable lyrics. Few would even make it through a brainstorming session for modern Disney attractions. For example:

Mama, don’t whip little Buford,
Mama, don’t pound on his head,
Mama, don’t whip little Buford,
I think you should shoot him instead.

I’ll be honest. I’ve only seen Country Bears once. I couldn’t understand half of the lyrics thanks to an aging sound system and my old musician’s ears. This attraction wasn’t hurting anyone, but it was in dire need of an upgrade. And once Disney Imagineers got involved, those old favorites never stood a chance.

While the Country Bear Musical Jamboree will include easter eggs from the beginning to the end including a familiar tune fans may remember, the bears will sing new, reinterpreted Disney tunes in different genres of country music – like bluegrass, pop-country, Americana, rockabilly and other styles.

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Disney recently shared a clip of the new show’s recording session.

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