Change Your Disney Cruise Dinner Seating on Embarkation Day

Change Your Disney Cruise Dinner Seating on Embarkation Day

As you would expect, Disney Cruises are filled with kids, most of them very young. And many parents of young children want to get them fed and in bed somewhat early, even when on vacation. It’s for their sanity. Because those kids will be up at 6 AM no matter when they go down. That’s why it can be difficult to get that early Disney Cruise dinner seating.

The main seating is at 5:45 PM while the second slot is at 8 PM (6 PM and 8:30 PM on European cruises). Last year, we booked a four-night Wish vacation over seven months before sailing. Our Costco travel agent informed us that we were assigned the second seating. Ugh. We don’t have young kids, but the thought of eating heavy meals that late wasn’t sitting well with us. We had our agent add us to the main dining waitlist, but nothing ever came through before our cruise.

Requesting a different dinner seating

On embarkation day, I spoke to guest services in the terminal. They informed me that we could request a dining change at 1 PM in Luna Lounge.

Luna Nightclub on Disney Wish

Once we boarded, my family ate lunch at Marceline Market. I left them around 12:25 to head to deck 4 mid-ships. Luna is actually on decks 4 and 5, but you’ll want to go to the main entrance on deck 4.

Luna was empty. I was concerned. I’m never first in Disney lines. But I was that day. I was upstairs people.

Crew members walked in a few minutes later and began setting up for the swarm. And a swarm did arrive. It was chaotic for a time, as the guests were left to figure out the pecking order on their own. Another passenger took charge and told everyone I was first. There was some griping from a guy who said he was there before someone else, but overall, people remained cool.

I was called up at 1 PM and was informed that the main dining was full. They added me to the waitlist and told me to check my Navigator App around 4 PM. Luckily, our waitlist had already gone through when I logged in at 3. I doubt we’d have been so lucky if I showed up 5 or 10 minutes later.

Each Disney ship will have an area designated for dining area questions on embarkation day. Be sure to talk to guest services before boarding to ensure you know when and where to show up.

So what if you don’t get your preferred Disney Cruise dinner seating? It’s all good. After all, you’re on a Disney Cruise!

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