Making the Most of It: Rainy Days in Magic Kingdom

Making the Most of It: Rainy Days in Magic Kingdom

We’ve all been there. We’ve planned what we hope is the perfect Disney World vacation. Months spent reading up on ADRs and characters and fireworks and height requirements. Then we open the weather app the night before we leave. And see so much rain in the forecast.

Screenshot of a Disney World forecast from a weather app

Well, don’t worry about it. It rains all the time in central Florida. A shower or storm won’t negatively affect your vacation. In fact, we love what happens after a storm passes through. Crowds lighten up as people tend to give up way too soon. And it’s possible you’ll get a break from the summer heat (but don’t count on that to always be the case).

We had a rainy day in Magic Kingdom last November. We knew it was coming, so we were mostly prepared. Ponchos and hoodies really helped since it was pretty chilly on top of being wet. Our shoes got a little soggy, though. My son bought replacement socks in the Emporium. Our friend had waterproof ASICS, so he was happy.

So what was the payoff for having wet toes? A 10-minute wait for the Jingle Cruise. A 13-minute wait for Haunted Mansion. A walk-on for Pirates. All of this on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Magic Kingdom's Jingle Cruise in the rain

But we didn’t get the ideal castle photo…

Selfie fail in front of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom
Selfie fail

Other cons to the rain? Columbia Harbour House was a little crowded with all the people sheltering from the rain.

But that’s it for the negatives. We weren’t sweating in line. We cranked through rides. And we made memories. I can’t remember many single days in the parks anymore. But I do remember this one.

Embrace Disney when it’s not “perfect.” For us, it usually means it’s even better.