Updated Disney+ home screen shows a Hulu tile

Disney+ Now Includes Hulu Content for Bundle Subscribers

Are you tired of switching apps every time you want to watch The Bear or Loki? If so, Disney+ has you covered. Bundle subscribers will now be able to access more content in a single app. This update was expected after Disney announced they were purchasing Comcast’s Hulu stake for $8 billion.

Disney CEO Bob Iger teased this upgrade during an earnings call last month:

“We remain on track to roll out a more unified one-app experience domestically, making extensive general entertainment content available to bundle subscribers via Disney+.”

Bob Iger, Disney CEO
Updated Disney+ includes Hulu content

This is only a beta, so don’t expect Disney+ to include everything in the Hulu library just yet. The complete service will be launched in the spring of 2024. Since Hulu content is more adult than that on Disney+, this will give parents time to set up parental controls.

Disney hopes that adding the Hulu tile to Disney+ will inspire users to add the bundle:

“Beyond unlocking that experience for our existing Bundle subscribers, our hope is to inspire Disney+ and Hulu standalone subscribers to upgrade to the Bundle as well, once they see everything that can be accessed.”

Joe Earley, Disney Entertainment’s President of Direct-to-Consumer

I’m a fan of this update. Disney+ has a much better user experience than Hulu. I wonder if this signals the beginning of the end of a standalone Hulu app.

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